The Fairytale Castle that Inspired Walt Disney

We all know the logo shown at the beginning of Disney movies. The famous logo is of a castle with a river flowing in front of it. How was this beautiful company logo made? Walt and Lilian Disney had taken a trip to Europe where they visited Neuschwanstein Castle situated in the German Alps. The architecture of the beautiful castle inspired Walt Disney to create … Continue reading The Fairytale Castle that Inspired Walt Disney

Reading Fiction Improves Language Skills

Just as reading textbooks gives us knowledge of a particular subject, a recent study published in the journal Reading and Writing has shown that reading any type of fiction is good not only for leisure and also helps in language skills. The research was carried out by Professor Sandra Martin-Chang and Dr Stephanie Kozak from Concordia University. By reading books, people especially the younger generation … Continue reading Reading Fiction Improves Language Skills

3D Printing is being used to save animals’ lives

Many animals are injured due to natural or man made causes. Although the animal may still live, it will have difficulty surviving. However, wildlife experts have started using 3D technology to help replace broken parts of the animal’s body. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is the construction of a three dimensional object from a digital 3D model. Any material, such as plastic or … Continue reading 3D Printing is being used to save animals’ lives

Final Day of Storytelling

As it’s said “Everything that has a beginning has an end” so this series also ended on a good note. We cried and laughed. We heard each others’ stories. Whether it was good or bad, whether it was happy or sad or funny, it felt nice to have that connection. It feels good to talk to one another. This is what we are missing during … Continue reading Final Day of Storytelling

Another Day of Storytelling

Story telling continues with Puck creations. We laughed, cried and listened to each other. Everyone has their own struggles both internally and externally. But if we don’t share, it will consume us from the inside. In this hard time we crave human interaction as much as possible. That’s why we continued with meetings and learned a lot from each other. Hope you will enjoy it. Continue reading Another Day of Storytelling

The Origin of Punctuation Marks

Punctuations are described as the use of spacing and symbols in order to understand and properly read texts, whether they are read silently or aloud. It is derived from the Latin word punctus meaning point. Use of punctuations can be traced to the 15th century in Hebrew texts. In this case, vowel points were used by placing them near consonants to indicate following vowels. In … Continue reading The Origin of Punctuation Marks

It’s Story Time!!!

This is the day 2 of story telling with Puck Creations. It was an amazing time listening to different people. Everyone has their own stories to tell through their experiences in life. Some good, some bad, some even funny. But I found this refreshing and even entertaining. Why? Because we need human interaction more than ever. Due to the pandemic, most people are stuck at … Continue reading It’s Story Time!!!

My First Zoom Meeting

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a zoom meeting. The event was organised by Puck Creations and I signed up on LinkedIn. Right now because of the pandemic most people are stuck at home. As human beings, we crave association, we crave interaction. Without it, we feel lonely and bored. Fortunately the owners of Puck Creations organised story telling by people from all … Continue reading My First Zoom Meeting

The safety of challenge trends on social media

As time goes on the social media has been affecting different aspects of peoples’ lives. Some are positive, others not so positive. The internet challenges have become popular nowadays especially for the young generation. Because it has become easier to post anything on any social media platform, young people would do anything just to get more attention as if they are celebrities. Some challenges are … Continue reading The safety of challenge trends on social media

The importance of vocational education

Many decades ago, having a degree was enough to land a good job. Maybe because there were few people who could afford to study at university level. However, since the late 1980s governments around the world have started preparing students for the work place environment. What is vocational education (VE)? This is the training of individuals which enables them to have a better quality of … Continue reading The importance of vocational education