Wicked Designs – Book 1 of The League of Rouges by Lauren Smith

Genres: Regency, Victorian, Romance, Humor, Historical, Mystery

Blurb: Godric St. Laurent, Duke of Essex was labelled a rake and scoundrel but then he also became a kidnapper. Thus he kidnaps Emily Parr as revenge to her uncle who had embezzled his money. Godric and his friends keep Emily as comfortable as possible despite her efforts to run away from them.

Emily has no desire to be kept like a prisoner. She loathed Godric from kidnapping her as the society would force them to get married. However, after spending time with the “League of Rouges” as the men called themselves, her heart started to melt.

But Godric has a dark past and someone else wants Emily. The two of them have to learn to work together while surrendering themselves to the one thing they tried to avoid: love.

My Review: 5 Stars

The story begins with Emily Parr being kidnapped by the Duke of Essex with his friends. It is surprising for a Duke to take such a step, knowing that he’s destroyed her reputation. However, he and his friends treat her like a family. Due to Emily’s stubborn nature, she refuses to be kept within the confines of the Duke’s house and thus, goes out with the men to keep themselves busy.

As the story progresses we get to know the reason behind the kidnapping. We also see Godric and Emily spending the most time together and how they fall in love. Unfortunately Godric’s past comes back to haunt him and Emily helps him to overcome it.

On the other hand Emily is also being perused by a mad man who wants her at any cost. Godric and his friends try their best to be good companions to Emily. His friends become fond of her and keep her entertained. Because of their friendship and love, Emily realises her attraction to Godric and they both end up confessing their feelings for one another.

This is a great read for those who like historical or regency romance.


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