You’re The One – Book 1 of Very Irresistible Bachelors by Layla Hagen

Genres: Contemporary, Romantic comedy, Family, Business, Drama

Blurb: Hunter Caldwell isn’t afraid to take up any type of challenge. He owns a successful real estate business in New York City. But something comes up for which he has only one option – getting help from his best friend, Josie. They pretend to be a couple and then plan to get married.

But one thing leads to another. As they start living together and their families get to know about the wedding, everyone wants to pitch in. No matter how hard they try, they can’t stop being attracted to one another. The attraction becomes skin deep as the lines blur between them.

Can they keep up with the charade or be together forever?

My Review: 5 Stars

A contemporary romance read for Valentine’s Day. The story revolves around Josie and Hunter who have been best friends since they met fifteen years ago. Then how in times of need they help each other. Their relationship evolves from friendship to love especially after their honeymoon. Hunter tries to take care of everything to prove to Josie that he’s the one for her.

Also their family members and friends were very supportive of the couple all the way from their marriage to when they fall in love. Layla expertly weaves in romance with drama and a bit of comedy. A must read for all romance lovers.

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