Atlantis Rising – Book 1 of Warriors of Poseidon By Alyssa Day

Genres: Romance, History, Mythology, Humor, Action, Adventure, Paranormal

Blurb: Eleven millennia ago the beautiful city of Atlantis was swallowed by the great seas for the protection of its citizens. Before that time, the sea God Poseidon handpicked elite warriors who were to protect humanity from other dangerous supernatural beings. He also made a law forbidding Atlanteans to desire other species.

But laws are made to be broken… even by the Gods themselves

In the present time Riley Dawson, a social worker from Virginia Beach is drawn to the ocean. She believes the waters heal her. Being an empath she feels a connection to the water element. After spending a day with a violent client she heads out to the ocean.

The High Prince of Atlantis, Conlan had to come to the surface on a mission. Someone had stolen Poseidon’s trident and he had to get it back. He did not expect to meet a human ’empath’, more so a rare female human empath.

Soon both of them have to prepare for a battle to recover the ancient weapon. As the unlikely couple get to know each other more they come across other Atlanteans, vampires, shapeshifters and other magical beings.

My Rating: 5 Stars

We have been reading so much about supernatural beings on earth but we don’t really know much about the supernatural beings underwater. Alyssa Day has beautifully described the world of Atlantis and its citizens. The story will make you to laugh and cry for it’s characters.

After getting tired of reading about shapeshifters and vampires, I found it refreshing to read about another set of beings. ‘Atlantis’ has been a fictional island since from the life of Plato. Many fictional stories have used the island as one of its locations for their characters. Atlantis is also home to the superhero Aquaman (Arthur Curry) in the DC comics.

You get hooked from the beginning and gradually get to know the different characters. The banters between family members and warriors makes it lively. The prince has seven warriors who serve him and have to serve Riley also. Riley feels an instant connection with all of them due to being an empath which helps in her dealings with them. Although she’s tough on the outside she has a soft heart.

On the other hand despite Prince Conlan’s suffering at the hands of an ancient Goddess, he willingly fulfils his duty of retrieving the sea God’s weapon before it can be in the hands of the evil beings. Apart from all the fun and romance, you get to know about the mystery of Atlantis since many of the characters are ancient.


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