I Temporarily Do (#1 of the Cordially Invited Series) by Ellie Cahill

Genres: Contemporary romance, Humor, Marriage

Blurb: Emily ‘Emmy’ Black and Beckett Anderson live with their roommates while in college. Before Emmy can leave the college, she gets duped by a potential roommate she had signed up with for her further studies in a prestigious graduate program. She ends up homeless and a negative balance in her account.

On the other hand, Beckett has no better luck. Days before his marriage, his fiancée Emily decided they were too young to get married, breaking his heart. Now he can’t live in the married student house he had arranged at Middlesex University.

So what do they do? Have a quickie marriage at Vegas. It’s a business arrangement that nobody needs to know. It solves both their problems and they can get an annulment later. Emmy gets a home and Beckett gets a wife. But things get more complicated as their new friends think of them as a romantic couple.

My Review: 5 Stars

The story starts off with the young adults just finishing their college and planning to go their separate ways. You may have your life mapped out but it’s not necessary things go according to that.

Emily and Beckett had just been roommates with a couple of other students for some years. However due to their circumstances they get stuck with each other by playing a married couple. Their bonding changes with time until they fall in love with each other.

It is fun and light hearted to read. It’s a romance story that starts off as an innocent friendship and blossoms into a life long commitment.


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