This Christmas, Santa is coming to your Ho… Ho… Home

The ages long tradition of meeting Father Christmas and his elves has taken to technology. This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic people aren’t supposed to go for gatherings or parties due to fear of spreading the virus. However, many people have found an alternative so as not to disappoint families, known as Virtual Santa Visits.

Though this isn’t exactly the same experience as meeting Santa face to face and sitting on his lap, still it’s better than nothing because there’s no Christmas without the Santa experience. Many companies and even individuals have come up with a variety of options of the virtual experience. It can be either free or give a range of prices depending on the level of interaction booked for. The Santas can speak multiple languages and also have been trained for ASL so as to accommodate as many children as possible.

Source: Pixabay

Here are a few virtual ways of meeting the Man in Red.

Book a free Santa visit on Zoom

T-mobile has set up a free virtual Santa visit and you don’t even need to be a T-mobile customer. Just log on to and book your slot.

AskSanta, an online artificial intelligence

This was started by Heather Maio-Smith, the CEO of StoryFile an artificial intelligence company that aims to preserve stories. After realizing that children would miss Father Christmas, her company put together an artificial intelligence with whom children from different parts of the world can interact for free.

JingleRing – video calling the North Pole

This is a platform where you and your kids can visit Santa at his home at the North Pole. Parents can fill a form telling about their children so that Santa can give them the best experience.

AirBub Virtual Santa

Apart from offering rentals, this company now offers chatting with Santa Claus. It also includes reading of stories and singing of carols by Mrs Claus.

Macy’s Santaland at Home

The New York city departmental store strives to cheer its customers this Christmas. There’s a free pre-recorded video of Santa Claus. It also includes playing Christmas games and having a selfie with Father Christmas.


This online class platform is now offering visits to Santa and his elves, reading books and even sculpting animals for young children. They are done in small groups so that each child can be given proper attention.

Although people all over the world have been restricted due to the spread of the coronavirus, they still come up with alternative ways to try to have a normal life. Technology gives us the ability to have a virtual experience and though this isn’t the same as meeting personally, it’s better than nothing. Also, kids need to be occupied. Naturally they would be eager to meet Santa and this will give them an opportunity not to miss it.


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