Texas Christmas Bride: The Gallaghers of Sweetgrass Springs Book 6 by Jean Brashear

Genres: Family, Contemporary romance, Small town, Western, Holiday, Humor, Christmas

Blurb: Its magic and mayhem this Christmas at Sweetgrass Springs, Texas. Many people have found a home and a family in the small town. This is their first Christmas together along with other newcomers.

Jackson Gallagher is back to his hometown after many years. From a teenage rebel he turned into a successful multi-millionaire who came back to face his past and his childhood sweetheart. Widow Veronica Butler gave up hope after Jackson abandoned her and the town. But they reunited after his return. Though Jackson is eager to marry Veronica, she has her children to consider especially after revealing a secret she kept from everyone.

On the other hand Jackson’s sister Penelope Gallagher is dragging her high heels to tie the knot with Bridger Calhoun. Join the fun as the people of Sweetgrass Springs come together for a community celebration, a wedding and lots of guests.

Also, holiday cookie recipes are included.

My Review: 5 Stars

In the small town of Sweetgrass Springs, there’s a legend of a woman called The Lady. Residents believe her spirit still haunts the town, waiting for her long lost love.

Love strong enough to stay, The Lady would whisper to anyone who would hear her.

Christmas is about celebration of love and togetherness. Every family and every individual has their own highs and lows in life. But it’s our understanding and caring that brings us together.

As this year has been full of setbacks and heartaches, we should believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. With Christmas around the corner, we pray that this year should end on a good note.

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