Genres: Paranormal, Humor, Holiday, Ghost stories, Romance, Amateur sleuth, Historical, Family

Blurb: Southern girl Verity Long is back for Christmas! Verity is preparing for the Christmas celebrations. Only she has to do it with her boyfriend’s family, the overbearing Wydells. However, she didn’t expect her to be mother-in-law to pull a shocking stunt.

Seething with anger Verity refuses to attend the Wydells Christmas party. But she gets a visitor in the form of the ghost who had helped rescue Lucy, her pet skunk three years earlier. Together with her ghost sidekick Frankie the German gangster, Verity is taken on a journey about the importance of Christmas and family.    

My Review: 5 Stars

A humorous retelling of the classic tale The Ghost of Christmas Past by Charles Dickens. Verity longs for a peaceful Christmas with her boyfriend’s family. But her mother-in-law has other ideas to make Verity’s life hell.

This is a reminder that Christmas is about the family coming together. No celebration can be done without the participation of our family members even if some of them aren’t good to us. Because her anger, Verity was about to make a wrong choice. But she later learns that our actions can affect others in ways that we can’t even conceive.

Frankie the German was a gangster from the 1920s. He gets stuck with Verity because of a mistake she had made before. Thus, Frankie has been helping her to see other ghosts and helping them. Here we see Frankie’s softer side as he ends up making friends with other ghosts.

Angie Fox’s writing is engaging and entertaining. It’s a delightful tale of a couple of ghosts, friendly animals and one large, painful Christmas party.    

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