A Touch of Greek (Out of Olympus #1) by Tina Folsom

Genres: Contemporary romance, Greek mythology, Humor, Family, Supernatural, Gods

Blurb: When the selfish Greek God, Triton is caught seducing one of his mistresses, Zeus the King of the Gods banishes him from Olympus. Triton is stripped of all his powers and can return on the condition that he has to find a woman who would truly love him.

He ends up in America and meets a female mortal, Sophia who shows absolutely no interest in him. Sophia lives in her deceased aunt’s home which she wants to convert into a B&B. Unfortunately she has an accident and becomes almost blind.

With the help of his friend Dionysus, Triton sets out to find a blind woman who won’t love him for his beauty. After knowing about Sophia’s blindness, he poses as her healthcare worker. As Triton tries to make Sophia fall in love with him, rival Gods and other mortals do everything possible to make their relationship a failure.

My Review: 5 Stars

The Greek Gods are among the famous personalities used in literature and cinema. From ancient times artists have derived inspirations from Greek mythology to create stories about the lives and activities of the mythological creatures.

As with any story of the mortals, the Gods also have their own weaknesses and strengths. Because of Triton’s beauty and arrogance he even seduces one of Zeus’s mistresses which enrages Zeus, the King of the Gods. Zeus together with Poseidon, who is Zeus’s brother and Triton’s father, come up with a plan to teach Triton a lesson.  

Sophia claims to see otherworldly beings but dismisses it as a mental condition. After her aunt’s death, she gets the house which she wants to convert into a B&B. However, her irresponsible cousin wants to get his hands on the house for money. After Sophia has an accident and becomes almost blind, she applies for a care taker.

As Triton comes to take care of Sophia, he spends time with her and gets to know her better. With the help of his fellow God Dionysus he sets out to help Sophia fulfil her dream and at the same time has to deal with rival Gods. In the process he loses his heart to Sophia and finally understands true love.

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