Soccer Mom – Book 1 in the Killer Moms Series by Eve Langlais

Genres: Romance, Suspense, Sport, Humor, Action, Mystery

Blurb: Single mom, Carla Baker works for an insurance company but is also a secret assassin. Only her handler who is known as Mother and those whom she trained with know about her double life. Her son Nico likes playing soccer in his school.

A new coach, Philip Moore gets hired at the school. Unfortunately, Carla is attacked after the parents’ meeting with the new, single coach. This also gets her closer to Philip as he tries to help Nico improve in the game.

As Carla gets repeatedly attacked, she calls upon the help of Mother and other killer moms to uncover her stalker.    

My Review: 5 Stars

It gets the reader hooked from the beginning. After enduring domestic violence Carla was trained by Mother and was finally able to get rid of her husband. Her only aim was to protect her son and take care of criminals. But when her past comes back to haunt her, she has to seek the help of her gang.

Philip might be a good soccer coach but he’s much more than that. Because of his attraction to Carla he tries to save her thinking she’s an ordinary woman. However, Philip also has a secret of his own.

This is a story of strong, independent women who take care of themselves and their children. Eve Langlais laces the story with romance and humor as Carla looks for the perfect father in Philip. It is a fun read for those looking for romance, mystery and action.

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