The Dragon of New Orleans – Book 1 of The Treasure of Paragon Series by Geneviene Jack

Genres: Paranormal romance, Urban fantasy, Shifters, Magic, Family

Blurb: Raven Tanglewood had been suffering from brain cancer for the past five years. After unsuccessful treatments, she welcomes death. Instead, a man visits her at her last moments and saves her, at a price.

Dragon Prince Gabriel Blakemore has been living in New Orleans for over 300 years. Exiled from his native world of Paragon, he and his siblings had to scatter themselves all over Earth. Now a curse from a wicked witch is about to end his life and he’s desperate for a solution.

Bonded to the Dragon meant working for him. As Raven tries to find a cure for the curse, she falls for Gabriel. However, in the process she also helps in uncovering the mystery behind his and his siblings’ exile from Paragon.

My Review: 5 Stars

When one is dying, naturally the person welcomes death. That was the situation of Raven until Gabriel saved her using Dragon magic.

After recovering, Raven decided to live life to the fullest. Although she agreed to work for Gabriel, at the same time she insisted on being allowed to do whatever she wanted. Raven is stronger than she thinks especially when she gets to know about her bloodline.  

It is full of romance and suspense. As Gabriel and Raven work together, they realise they are made for each other. The story is engaging and the plot twists only make it more interesting.

About Genevieve Jack

Genevieve Jack is a USA Today bestselling author. She enjoys writing paranormal romance in the company of her dog. She has a good creative mind at world building with supernatural beings as her characters. Her interest in the paranormal can be attributed to her years in a high school rumored to be haunted. Although she lives in the Midwest, she prefers to enjoy her time at the beaches of the Southeast.

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