The Man You Meet in Heaven by Debbie Viggiano

Genres: Romantic comedy, contemporary, family & marriage, Humor

Blurb: Would you want to change your past if given the chance? Divorcee Hattie Green went shopping one afternoon. She never expected to get bumped on her head with the sign board of the aisle she was in.

One moment she’s on the phone talking to her mum who’s trying to set her up and the next, she’s talking to an angel-like man who insists she should review her life. As she goes through the ups and downs of her life, some secrets are revealed. Hattie has to learn to accept them and put the past to rest.

My Review: 5 Stars

Life is always full of struggles. We all have times of disappointments and joys. We also have our own demons. It’s ok to make mistakes. And it’s ok to react to other peoples’ behaviours. After all, we are human.

Hattie’s life is a typical example of an ordinary person’s life. Going through expectations of people especially in family and relationships can be exhausting. And sometimes, we do keep secrets from our own loved ones.

But as we grow older, we become wiser. We learn from our past mistakes. We learn to forgive others and ourselves and hope for a better future. Hattie learns all this from the angel-like man who calls himself Josh. He guides her through various incidents that happened and persuades her to think about them. What else could she have done in those circumstances?

In between the tense situations, Josh takes Hattie for adventures such as diving underwater and riding on unicorns. Although these may seem child-like activities but it shows that we need to forget our troubles and enjoy life once in a while.

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