Safety is in numbers

The dolphin is an aquatic mammal known for its docile nature and intelligence. Although it may seem to be a harmless creature, it can still be vicious if threatened especially in a group. A group of dolphins is known as either a “school” or a “pod”.

Dolphins are fast swimmers because of their streamlined bodies and a horizontal tail. These features allow greater flexibility and faster avoidance of an attack. It can also be one of the reasons how dolphins are able to swim to the water surface for air. On the other hand, sharks are usually alone. Also, sharks have vertical tail which limits their movement.

As sharks are one of the dangerous animals in the world, it’s surprising that they are afraid of the bottlenose dolphin. The bottlenose dolphin is one of the common types of dolphin in the world. They are highly intelligent and also, like humans, are known to use tools such as marine sponges to look for food and pass knowledge from generation to generation.

The bottlenose dolphin has a snout which is made up of a very thick and strong bone. It uses its snout to attack the underside of a shark hard enough to cause serious internal damage. Although a single dolphin can still avoid battle with a shark due to its ability to swim faster, a pod becomes aggressive if one of its members is attacked.

Dolphins coming to the water surface, source: Pixabay

Dolphins use eco-location to navigate within the deep waters of the sea. In this method, the animal produces a sound into the environment and listens to any returning echoes from nearby objects. Eco-location is used for avoiding attacks and foraging for food.  

Dolphins are carnivorous and can even hunt the great white shark if necessary. They also have strong tail fins which can be used to flip a shark onto its back. Since a shark doesn’t have a flexible body, it becomes motionless and can cause no harm.  

Over the years there are many cases of dolphins saving people from sharks. The dolphins surround the swimmer to safety while at the same time avoiding the shark. This also makes them very friendly and social animals.

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