A We Sisters Three Box Set (Books 1 – 3) by Melissa F. Miller

Meet Rosemary, Sage and Thyme, the wacky Field sisters, in three funny, fresh romantic murder mysteries.

Genres: Murder mystery, Amateur sleuth, Anthology, Contemporary romance, Romantic comedy


Book 1 – Rosemary’s Gravy

Working for a Hollywood family as their personal chef can be exhausting, keeping in mind who likes what and who’s allergic to what. But when her miserable boss is murdered, Rosemary becomes the number one suspect.

While being investigated by the LAPD, Rosemary starts dating Felix, her boss’s stepson only to end up with Felix being food poisoned. Oh and she’s being pursued by Detective Drummond. Now she has to find the real killer before she’s locked in jail.

Book 2 – Sage of Innocence

Sage Field works as a nanny for the children of a PGA golfer. But when her boss is implicated in the murder of a rival, he loses his endorsement contracts and she’s on the risk of losing her job.

Together with his caddy, Roman, they set off to investigate so as to clear their boss’s name and keep their jobs. While Roman has secrets of his own they both find out about a blackmail scheme. They have to race against time to save both their lives and jobs.

Book 3 – Thyme to Live

Thyme Field is a Yoga/Pilates instructor whose helping nature always gets her in trouble. When one of her client’s nanny disappears, she meets Victor the nanny’s brother who’s in search of his sister.

As Thyme and Victor work together to solve the mystery of the missing nanny, they are also being hunted. They end up risking their lives as they get closer to the truth.

My Review: 5 STARS

The trio Field sisters are fiercely independent and wild. However, each of them has their own personalities. Apart from working on their individual jobs, they also have to take care of their parents’ business, a luxury eco-resort which became under debt. Unfortunately, their parents left on a cruise trip after “gifting” the resort to the sisters.

However, the sisters agree to take on the responsibility. Despite each of them living in different cities, they still keep in contact, discussing about their lives and any progress they have made regarding the resort.

On the other hand, they face the murder mysteries with determination. As I mentioned earlier that they are fiercely independent, so not even the police department can stop them from taking matters in their hands.

Despite their flaws and impulse to help in solving the murder cases, they also team up with men and end up being romantically involved. Their stories make you to laugh and that is the beauty of it. Apart from the seriousness of solving murder cases, it lightens your mood with the sisters’ crazy behaviour.

About Melissa F. Miller

Melissa F. Miller is a former attorney who traded the practice of law for the art of telling stories.

She’s a USA TODAY bestselling author who has written many thrillers and romantic comedy mysteries. All her work share two common threads; pulse-pounding, tightly plotted action and smart, unlikely heroines and heroes.   

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