The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne

ice twins


Angus and Sarah Moorcraft had twin daughters, Kirstie and Lydia. However one of the daughters, Lydia died after falling from the first floor balcony of their house. A year later, Angus takes his family to an old house on a Scottish Island he inherited from his grandmother. Then the strangest thing happens. Kirstie claims that she is Lydia and that Kirstie was the dead daughter. This causes confusion and upsets the parents.

Later, Angus had to leave the island for work. During that time, Sarah becomes more disturbed by Lydia’s behavior. She then decides to investigate the cause of her other daughter’s death. She finds out that Angus was a child abuser and probably killed Kirstie. After Angus comes back to the island, Sarah confronts him but he denies it and refuses to explain anything. As Sarah continues to uncover what really happened on that day, she’s shocked by what she finds out. Is Angus lying? Who really is the surviving twin, Kirstie or Lydia?

This keeps you hooked from the beginning. It is a case of mistaken identity and the grief that a family goes through. Before the accident, they were the perfect family. But just the accident of one of the twin, causes tension in the family. The parents are even more appalled when Kirstie (or is it Lydia?) claims that she can see and communicate with her dead sister.

As the head of the family, Angus tries his best to keep the family together to the extent of isolating them on the island. But still Sarah can’t stop herself from trying to find out the truth. Everyone has their own secrets. But a dangerous secret can break even a perfect family apart. The mystery deepens as it keeps you guessing till the end.


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