When the interruptions become more interesting than the talks…

It seems the news channels have a way of creating amusements, though not in a bad way. Over the years interviews have been conducted online which involve the interviewee being at home, most of the time. This has led to many incidents of them being interrupted especially by their children. And yet, such people manage to maintain their calm and continue talking as if nothing happened. But this trend has become a “sensation”.

Although this is unintentional because who would like the whole world to watch drama in his/her house, it definitely brings a smile on one’s face. The reason is because children are innocent. They may not even understand what’s going on and don’t at all feel ashamed or afraid to do what they want.

As adults, we are always conscious of others watching us and we try to be as presentable as possible. In the movies and soap operas, the actors are aware of what’s expected of them and have to work accordingly. With children however, its not the case. They won’t care even if the whole world is watching them.

There have been many incidences where the children try to get their parent’s attention during the interview, unknowingly making themselves popular. One of famous incidence was in 2017 when Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea.


A recent one occurred when Dr Clare Wenham was giving an interview on BBC News Channel which her daughter interrupted.


Last year a reporter’s son interrupted her breaking news on the MSNBC news set. This itself became a breaking news!


Another recent incident occurred on Global News when a member of the UK Parliment’s cat interrupted a live committee meeting.


It’s a good thing to have something to laugh about especially in these hard times. It is said that laughter is the best medicine. So during this COVID-19 pandemic, as many of us are at home with our families, let us spend the time together with good memories.



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