Revolution of art

Art is one of the oldest abilities of humans. The earliest art work dates back to 500,000 years when engraved shells were created by Homo erectus. Although not all experts classify this as proper art but the shell was found to have geometric incisions on it. Perhaps this was the beginning of art work with the drawing of lines with some tools.

Artwork has been used as a form of expression. This is one of things that define us as separate from animals. It also connects people from different races, countries and time. We can’t deny that we all revel in some form of art whether its painting, movies, theater, music or even cooking. Art is all about being creative. It is one of the things which have been incorporated into our DNA. Even if one isn’t a professional, sometimes we find people trying to draw or dance.

Before the dawn of civilization, man used to draw on cave walls. It could have been used as a form of communication before even the invention of languages. The cave drawings mainly consisted of different animals. As time went on, many civilizations around the world developed their methods of art.

Cave painting, courtesy Pixabay

Ancient Egyptian artwork was an amalgamation of religion and symbols. Many natural resources such as gold, glass and precious stones were used in painting on walls and in making statues. The ancient Chinese mainly used bronze in their rituals. The Greeks focused on creating human and God figures.


Ancient Egyptian art, courtesy Pixabay

Modern art is said to have originated between the 18th and 19th centuries. It was during this time when photography was invented. Also artwork which was once done for the high society and religious places shifted to being personal and later, turned to a professional level. Different types of pencils, paints and canvases were invented for easier artwork which can also be easily carried from one place to another. The arts and crafts movement between 1860 – 1915 concentrated on architecture and decoration. It consisted of making items for home use such as furniture, textiles and wallpapers. From the early 20th century there were influences between different cultures such as Pablo Picasso who was influenced by Iberian sculpture, African sculpture and Primitivism.

The late 20th and early 21st centuries saw rapid advances in computer technologies. Many facilities are available for different fields in artwork. In movies there’s special effects which show things that can’t be done in reality. Also, different softwares allows one to play or edit music, pictures and videos. In the fashion industry, people use different types of fabrics and accessories to create clothes and jewelry. Although there’s still the traditional method of painting on canvas.

However, another type of artwork known as human art which involves painting naked humans have become popular. Johannes Stotter, a popular bodypainter from South Tyrol in Italy has taken art to the next level by painting on naked humans than on canvas. He uses living models to represent objects in nature. One of his impressive work was using five people to create a lifelike tropical tree frog.


Five people used to create a lifelike tropical tropical tree frog, courtesy

Johannes recently displayed his latest work on British Got Talent to preach about our actions in polluting the oceans. As shown in the video, it is a very stunning and educative initiative.

This shows that one can be creative in any he/she wants, be it for fun or as a professional. It is one of things that will live and die with us.

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