Wedding bells during the pandemic

It seems that not even the COVID-19 has deterred lovers from reuniting. Despite the lock down and social distancing rules by governments around the world, it is becoming a trend for intending couples to get married.

While many couples are getting married the traditional way of having a few family members and friends, others are having virtual wedding ceremonies in which people can watch them through video conferencing apps such as zoom.

The justice secretary of the UK, Mr Robert Buckland had expressed his consideration to such changes. He also added that some people were eager to get married “because things are happening in their life that means they might not be together for a long time.”

Mr Roy Wilson, who was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer married his long-term partner Jill Hird in hospital after securing special dispension from the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Church of England had made it compulsory even before the lock down for wedding ceremonies to have only five people; the bride, groom, priest and two witnesses. Being conscious of the rules set by health professionals – wearing face masks and social distancing – has become part of our everyday life, even in weddings.

In addition, it has become a fashion to make special face masks for weddings. From bridal designers to retail stores such as Etsy, ready made face masks are available for the bride, groom and guests. Although the masks aren’t medically approved, they are only used as a precaution and are washable. Designers add their own styles using different materials such as lace, boho and even crystal covered face masks.

Wedding dress and evening wear designer Friederike Jorzig fits rubber bands toa designer protective mask in her store Chiton in Berlin on March 31, 2020 as Germany continues to battle the Covid-19 corona virus pandemic. – As all weddings and events have been cancelled, the German fashion designer are creating fashionable facemasks in her workshop, selling them in her shop in Berlin’s Schoeneberg district. (Photo by Odd ANDERSEN / AFP) (Photo by ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Winne Couture, a bridal store chain in Beverly Hills has an additional section called “Our Response To COVID-19” which offers two types of maks. One is called “Masks for Heroes” which are made for healthcare providers and the “Haute Mask by Winne Couture” which is described as “protective wedding masks for brides and grooms that offer style and safety for engaged couples across the globe.”

Image courtesy – A model bride wearing face mask (; Winne Couture)

On the other hand, some people feel it unnecessary to perform wedding ceremonies at this time. Dr. Sidney Chiu, an ER physician said “Is this a joke? Do people not know how serious this pandemic is? People are dying and this encourages reckless behaviour.” He is strongly against having weddings now. But who has ever stopped couples from getting married? If people feel this is the right time, for who knows how long one will live, it’s better to use the time with our loved ones as much as possible.

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