Life in the Dead Lane by Lucy Quinn

Cookie James is a runaway FBI agent and innkeeper at the Secret Seal Isle who along with her misfit gang consisting of her hippy mother Rain, her secret crush Dylan Creed and ex-FBI partner, Hunter try to solve a murder. While on a date with Dylan, they spot a boat with a corpse who was identified as Dickie Dungworth. Along with dealing with Jared, the local medical examiner who has a crush on her and investigating jealous female workers at the local beauty parlor, her childhood idol and singer Hayley Holloway comes to town and reveals that Dickie was her brother. What follows is a laugh out loud race to unravel the mystery.

The story is interesting because it has humor and mystery. Also the complicated relationships seems to be shifting between the different couples. It becomes hard to know who loves whom until at the end. Also, the entry of a famous singer is a different story on its own. Every character has a secret to hide. When you think one problem is solved, another one turns up. It keeps you hooked right till the end.

It is good for readers interested in humor filled mysteries with a touch of whirlwind romance.

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