Somebody tell Aunt Tillie She’s Dead by Christiana Miller

Mara, a witch uses tarot cards on her birthday to know her future and she sees nothing but sorrows and ultimately, death. Her gay friend Gus tries to cheer her using his own magic. Unknown to her, an aunt she’s never met dies who leaves Mara as the sole heir to her cottage and assets. Initially, Mara is thrilled going to a new place and meeting new people. However, her aunt Tillie’s ghost confronts her and tries to get her away from the place. Mara refuses and stubbornly gets to the bottom of the matter. She accidentally releases a demon and a powerful witch who were trapped in the cottage. But with the help of Gus, she’s able to get rid of them for good and also becomes friends with aunt Tillie’s ghost.

Though it’s filled with humor in the beginning there’s a lesson in it. Mara comes from a long lineage of witches. Despite being a witch, she doesn’t use it for her advantage because it backfires on her. However, after seeing the prediction of her imminent death, she uses her magic for more time. Unfortunately it ends up killing her aunt Tillie. Because of her aunt’s will, she has to claim the cottage that had been in her family for generations.

However, the story gradually turns suspenseful as the cottage is full of mystery and evil. Though her aunt Tillie is dead, her ghost tries to scare her to leave the place. But Mara stubbornly gets to the bottom of the secret hiding in the cottage. Her friendship with Gus helps her at every step as he saves her from evil beings who were accidentally released. Though it has horror but it also shows the strength of love, family and friends.

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