A Knight to Remember by Cynthia Luhrs

The story starts in the present day. Lucy Merriweather travels to England with her boyfriend Simon Grey, otherwise known as Lord Blackford. Simon then takes her to Blackford Castle and proposes to her but Lucy declines because of his condescending attitude. Still, Simon insists and forcefully marries her. After which he tells her the truth; he wanted to kill her. Simon reveals that Lucy’s real name is Brandon, not Merriweather and she had to die to fulfill a prophecy, the result of which he will no longer own Blackford Castle.

As Lucy struggles to free herself from being killed, Lucy and Brandon fall from the castle. Unknowingly, both of them are transported to 1307, when William Blackford was the Lord of Blackford Castle. Initially being confused and later realizing what had taken place, Lucy tries to adapt to the past. Simon was found dead by the sea while Lucy survived. Due to Simon giving her some history of the Castle, she knew there was a traitor among them and tried to warn William. Despite knowing that she was from a different era, William had fallen in love with her. After the traitor was found and killed, Lucy was given the chance to go back to the future but she opted to stay with her one true love.

This is a time travel romance. Going back centuries to Medieval England requires a lot of research about the people and their lifestyle at that time. That information has been beautifully presented. Also, from her knowledge Lucy teaches the people working in the castle many new things. Although it is said that one shouldn’t mess with time and once in a while, Lucy wonders how things would change due to her actions but then dismisses the thoughts. Due to the original history of the Blackford Castle, Lucy was able to warn William and the traitor found out. This is perfect for readers who are fond of time travel.

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