Black History Month

This was created in 1926 in the United States by Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History. It is a way of remembering and celebrating the Negro race and what contributions black people of African origin have made in the world.

There are many personalities who have made contributions in different fields such as politics, sports, entertainment and science. A few personalities include Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Barack Obama and Will Smith.

Being in Africa almost my whole life, I have seen black people are not as bad as others make them. Just because they have black skin and different type of hair doesnt’t make them less human.

Many black people had fought for their acceptance in the society. One of popular personality was Rosa Louise McCauley Parks, a civil rights activist in Montgomery, Alabama who had defied a bus driver’s orders to leave her seat to a white passenger. Her arrest had later fueled the black community to form a campaign among the post-war civil rights movement.

Muhammad Ali is celebrated as one of the important sports celebrity of the 20th century. From the age of 18, he participated in several boxing competitions and won medals. He was featured in many magazines and sports channels including being the only boxer named in The Ring magazine for being Fighter of the Year six times. However, his success as an athlete was short-lived after he became a muslim and was arrested due to his opposition to the Vietnam war. Apart from boxing, he was also a musician, actor and writer. He became an icon for African Americans during the civil rights movement.

The first president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela gained an equal standing with Mahatma Gandhi for being called “Father of the Nation”. Initially, he studied law but later joined the fight against the white-only government. After being sentenced to life long imprisonment, he was later released for fear of a racial civil war. He gained international recognition and receieved more than 200 awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the entertainment industry, so much has been contributed by African Americans. Notable celebrities include Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, Will Smith and Wesley Snipes. Many movies and television shows have also featured a cast of black people such as The Karate Kid (2010), I, Robot (2004), Independence day (1996), The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 – 1996), Black Panther (2018) and The Flash (2014 – present).

As much as we may still resent them for their black skin, we can’t ignore them They are part of our human society and as such we have to honor them as much as we honor other races.

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