Dependence on Technology

Ever since the computer was created people have become more dependent on electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It has become part of our everyday life. Whether one makes a call, browses Facebook or playing video games, people can’t pass a day without using it.

Though it’s not easy to avoid modern technology but one can try to reduce using it. One of the disadvantages of overuse of modern devices is it can cause visual impairment. All the devices emit harmful light rays. Overexposure to the light rays dries up the liquid in the eyes.

As children are bound to imitate adults, even before starting school, many children already learn how to use the phone. They know how to use the camera and play games. As they grow older they would be exposing themselves to unwanted information and violent stuff. This is what greatly affects a child’s lifestyle nowadays and can result in them getting into problems.

Many people prefer to eat junk food because it is easily accessible. Thus, it makes them lazy as they don’t need to cook. They can also be glued to the electronic devices at the same time. These two factors cause obesity due to reduced physical activity.

Overuse of electronic devices can cause back pain. This is because most of the time we have to bend especially when we have to hold the device in our hands. Of course it’s more relieving when you have information on your fingertips but when your body is in an unnatural position for a long time, it can cause unnecessary pains.

Since almost everyone have their own personal devices, people use them even in the night. Till late night they would be on their phones and laptops which causes lack of sleep. People should learn to wisely use the devices at some particular time. Parents should also educate their children on the correct usage of electronic devices.

Over dependence on the electronic devices reduces time spent on other things. We should be able to find time to use the devices and then go back to doing other work.

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