Celebrating St. Valentine’s day

St. Valentine’s day or simply Valentine’s day is the celebration of love. Generally the term “love” is associated with relationships and married couples. But you can also celebrate with your family and friends. You learn about love from your parents and family then to friends and finally, getting a life partner.
There are many ways of celebrating with your loved ones. Here are a few tips

⦁ Making a homemade card: Of course many things are available in shops and Valentine cards are one of them. They may be colourful and sparkly with love messages but making a card by yourself has more value and its cheaper. You can make it any way you want and write love messages by yourself.

⦁ Cooking a romantic dinner: Either you can make your partner’s favorite dishes or you can research about recipes for a romantic dinner. Gathering the ingredients and preparing the dinner takes a lot of time. Also, decorating the dining room adds to the romantic atmosphere.

⦁ Going for a party: Restaurants and clubs organize a lot of events. For Valentine’s day, you could go out for drinking, dancing and enjoying yourself not only with your partner or even with your family.

⦁ Repeating your first date: When you are in a serious relationship, Valentine’s day reminds you of your first everything. First kiss, first time saying “I love you” but most importantly, first date. Recreate the memories that brought you together and that only strengthens the love.

⦁ Making a photo album: You can also spend the time with your loved ones compiling a photo album. Gathering different photos can be fun and you can also make a collage. This allows you to look at different memories in one place and can also be put in a frame and either hang it on the wall or put on a dressing table.

Hope this will give you some ideas on how to spend this special day. Wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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