Landry’s Back in Town (#1) – Rocky Ridge Romance by Margery Scott

Landry Mitchell returned to Rocky Ridge, the only home he knew after being released from prison. He regretted following his older brother together with two criminals which led to their arrest. Now wanting to be forgiven by the residents, Landry tries to move on.

Meanwhile Olivia Harding, a new resident works hard by taking care of the children in the local orphanage. After being kicked out by her mother, she finds solace in helping others. One day Landry saves her from an attacker and in him, she finds a lonely man.

As they spend time together despite criticism by some of the residents, romance blooms. Until Landry’s brother returns with his two partners. They try to incite him to help them rob a bank but he refuses. He ends up getting accepted by the townspeople and marrying Olivia.

I was touched by this story because it’s not just about romance but also about second chances. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance.

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