Bunny and The Bear – Furry United Coalition #1 by Eve Langlais

Chase is an attorney and a shapeshifter. As a bear he likes at least 16 hours of sleep and enjoys honey buns from a bakery across the street from his office. But the presence of a recent neighbor bounces in his mind. Miranda, a bunny shapeshifter is an agent of Furry United Coalition (FUC), an organisation for the secret protection of all types of shapeshifters and also protecting humans. Her job is to secretly guard Chase from the clutches of a mysterious mad scientist. However, the job becomes much more than she bargained for.

When Chase is kidnapped, Miranda does everything in her power including transforming into a seemingly giant bunny to save him. But by doing so she puts herself in danger because the mad scientist abducts shapeshifters who are huge and dangerous. Chase is able to save her and claims her as his mate. Meanwhile the scientist is briefly revealed to be an intelligent but pint sized shapeshifter with abnormal conditions who conducted experiments on more dangerous shapeshifters.

Eve Langlais efficiently weaves in humor, action and paranormal romance without the issue of misunderstandings between the couple. The reader is hooked from the start with it’s fast paced story. There’s also an interesting addition of FUC organisation in which different species of animal shapeshifters work together with modern facilities. This is good for readers looking for paranormal romance.

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