Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

In the modern times, when fashion and fitness is the rage many people associate beauty with skin color and body shape. Although it’s good to have a healthy body but even then most people tend to criticize and end up pressurizing others.

This is most especially for celebrities who have to continue working hard to keep themselves fit despite their age. But there are still some who gain weight and don’t bother themselves. That’s because they know how stressful it is to maintain your body and they avoid it.

But what is beauty? It’s a combination of qualities that is pleasing to our senses especially the sense of sight. For instance, recently Celine Dion who attended Paris Fashion Week shocked her fans because of being “scarily thin” and “seriously underweight”. The 51 year old Canadian singer told critics “if you like it, I will be there. If you don’t just leave me alone.”

She exudes confidence and fearlessness as should everyone else.

There are many ways to have a healthy body nowadays. The most important is to avoid junk food and exercise for at least 15 minutes everyday. Whether it’s taking a walk, jogging or going to the gym, it’s up to you. Eat healthy and nutritious food such as fruits and vegetables.

Because fast food is readily available and that too on delivery, many people opt to just sit at home, order on the phone or the internet and get the food delivered. Instead they should buy ingredients from the supermarket and cook at home. Even if one doesn’t know cooking, there are cookbooks, cookery shows and even free videos on YouTube.

Beauty is subjective but being healthy is more important. If you can do the minimum possible, your confidence will build up and it will make you happy which will make you look more beautiful than before.

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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