Sleight of Heart by Jacquie Rogers

Colorado, 1883. Burke O’Shaughnessy set out to look for his brother Patrick which led him to Lexie Campbell. Patrick had an affair with Lexie’s younger sister, Helen but later left. Lexie and Burke both set out to find Patrick, although for entirely different reasons. Helen led everyone to believe she was pregnant because she was deeply in love while Burke wanted his brother back home to claim a family fortune from their mother. Coming from a family of gamblers, Burke tried to teach Lexie to play cards and was amazed to see that she was good with numbers all the while Lexie tried not to be charmed by his carefree nature. Unknown to them Helen also followed on the same train and met Charity Ann Templeton, a childhood friend and half sister of the two brothers. Charity didn’t want the two brothers to meet so that she would get all the fortune. She and Helen stayed together, keeping an eye on the couple’s whereabouts. They also came across Gil Smith, a businessman.

While travelling from one place to another and after many incidents Lexie and Burke fell in love. Meanwhile, Charity and Gil also fall in love. At last the five people reach Virginia City and meet Patrick. It was revealed that Helen wasn’t pregnant and she lied because Lexie thought that Patrick stole her money. Helen had given him the money to buy a mine. The two brothers also had to fight Dayton Wardell, a criminal who wanted Patrick’s mine. Finally the three couples Charity and Burke, Helen and Patrick, and Charity and Gil get married.

This is one of the best book I have read. It is fun and has many twists and turns. It’s about family, love and deceit. Having some humor makes it more entertaining. Although the main story centers on Lexie and Burke but at the end, we get three married couples. It is perfect for those who enjoy historical western romance.

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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