An Inconvenient Truth – The Crisis of Global Warming by Al Gore

“Denial is not a river in Egypt!” Mark Twain 

From the award winning film, this is an enlightening book with full colour photographs. Every human being on this planet contributes in many ways to global warming but by being more conscious of our purchases, our uses of power, and by changing our lifestyle, we can reduce our impact.

We are at the turning point in this global catastrophe. If we care about the lives of our children and grandchildren and of millions of people around the world, we must address this crisis immediately.

The skyrocketing growth of the human population means that other species decline in numbers to the point of extinction for many. We consume vast quantities of food and water. Land used to grow crops to feed livestock is very wasteful on land and water resources. Our technologies, materials, consumables, nuclear accidents, war, mining, logging, air flights and travel, chemicals, the burning of fossil fuels, pollution, all contribute massively to the melting ice caps, higher temperatures affecting crop growth, population movement, melting glaciers, changing disease patterns, extremes of weather, and loss of the intricate web of life of which we are a part, and where each part depends for its survival on all other parts.

The book says little about what efforts need to be made world wide. Perhaps the methods need to be too confrontational! We need to address climate change – a severe emergency, and clean the pollution from the seas, air and soil which have reached devastating levels. With human species expanding in numbers, other species are rapidly declining. All these matters need to be addressed because areas of crop growth are becoming barren, and areas of coastline are disappearing due to melting ice, wild floods are occurring, and people will be moving from from country to country to try to access settled work and home lives. 
Review by Wendy Stokes

Wendy Stokes is a London based tutor, counsellor, coach and workshop facilitator. Her interests are very varied and include planetary welfare and animal protection, healing, dream interpretation, the goddess, tarot and oracle cards. Contact Wendy on



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