Why women have more fashion sense than men

Since time immemorial, women have been said to be the more sensitive gender. This difference is not only biological based but can also be influenced by society. Marcia Pelchat, a sensory scientist at the Monell Chemical Sciences Center in Philadelphia theorised that “Women are more likely to do laundry, the cooking, the cleaning – they worry about whether a rag smells like mildew or if food’s gone bad. So they may actually have more experience with odors and flavors, and that may increase their sensitivity or their ability to process things.” Although some studies have shown that men have also become more fashion conscious like women in recent times.

In the early civilisations, the purpose of clothing was to keep us warm and dry. It was during the mid-18th century in Paris that fashion started becoming a way of ideals and individualism. In other parts of the world too fashion became a symbol of status. Women started spending a lot of money on clothing and accessories. So much that men dreaded excessive spending of their hard earned money.

Even in today’s society, a sense of fashion is considered a symbol of wealth and taste. Another point to note is our way of dressing is to attract the opposite sex. Women nowadays try to be “sexy” as in wearing short clothes and showing off their skin. Women take a lot effort and time to try different outfits, make up and accessories. That’s why there are more cloth shops for women than for men. However, there are still some women who have a poor sense of fashion either because they are not rich enough or aren’t interested.

Men also generally “dress to impress” especially when they are dating a woman. They will be seeking guidance from either a female friend, their mother or a sister. Otherwise they don’t care much about what they wear except the bare necessities.  

Women generally have wider knowledge of different colours and textures. They take time in selecting the colour of a particular cloth or the type of fabric that is suitable to wear. It can be for a particular season or for an event. Women are also conscious of not wearing the same outfit in more than one party. If they wear the same outfit many times, they will be considered to have a poor fashion sense. However, men generally are seen wearing the same clothes many times. They don’t bother as long as the clothes are well kept.

Many men can still have difficulty in selecting what to wear and also what colour. So why do they seek a female’s help? Because they know that women have greater knowledge of fashion.

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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