Painting with hand

Many of us started learning to draw and paint from the primary school. We have learnt to use pencil, water color and oil paint. But do you know some people paint with their hands!

It may seem gross to some because the fingers are used to apply colors to the canvas. However, many artists have found it as a different way of painting. For them, it is a new venture. It is not easy for everyone to draw with pencil and paint with brushes. So imagine how much more difficult it must be to use the fingers.

However, some people may not have access to painting accessories or just for fun develop this technique and enjoy it. They end up creating beautiful artwork which leaves you in amazement as to what man can achieve when there’s a will.

To name a few, Iris Scott who has been a full time artist since 2010 after she started painting with hand, has her artwork in Cole Gallery in Seattle and Adelman Fine Art in San Diego. You can check it out at her website

Another artist, Cristobal Ortega revolutionized finger painting in the United States. You can know more about him at

Art is a beautiful representation of our world and our thoughts. No matter how an artist works, every stroke, every shade is a reminder of the beauty surrounding us.

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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