Boeing unveils latest fighter jet in Australia

America’s multinational company has unveiled an unmanned jet at the Australian International Airshow. It has been named ‘Boeing Airpower Teaming System’. The jet is about 38 feet long, has a 2,000 nautical mile range and has onboard sensors which allow it to be efficient in conducting surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

It is designed as a ‘side kick’ along with crew fighter jets during combat. The main advantage is that without a pilot, the aircraft will be able to fly for longer periods and process more information. Thus, reducing risks encountered by pilots during combat.

It may also be able to carry missiles or bombs. It is hoped that Boeing will be able to start selling customized aircrafts worldwide by 2020.

Kristin Robertson, vice president and general manager of Boeing Autonomous Systems said “With its ability to reconfigure quickly and perform different types of missions in tandem with other aircraft, our newest addition to Boeing’s portfolio will truly be a force multiplier as it protects and projects air power.”

Shane Arnott, director of Boeing research and prototype arm Phantom Works International also added “It is better for one of these to take a hit than for a manned platform.”

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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