Recycling of garbage into art form

Nowadays, so many items are thrown away and they can cause environmental pollution. The land, air and water become filthy. This leads to unfit place for us and animals to live in.  

That’s why there are the three R’s of waste management. They represent Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. But what do they mean? This is the process of minimal usage of items and any item that is no more used for its original purpose can be used for something else.

Usually people use waste materials in art form, most especially in making sculptures. This is where recycling comes in. Recycling is the conversion of waste materials into new materials and items.

Over the decades, many people have come up with ideas of how waste materials can be used in art. An example of an artist is Johnson Zuze, from Harare, Zimbabwe. He picks up waste materials such as electronic gadgets and wood to form sculptures which range from animals to abstract forms. His efforts have been recognized by the international community and have earned him awards.

Another person is Lin Evola-Smidt, a residence of Los Angeles. After gun violence happened in the city in the early 90’s, she convinced the residents to give up their guns which were melted and was used to create statues of angels. This was a way of uplifting the violence from the peoples’ minds. In 1997, a tall statue of an angel was created and named “The Renaissance Peace Angel”. This has been her most famous work to date.

Artist Angela Haseltine Pozzi who in 2010, after seeing the amount of thrash in her native Oregon coast turned them into art work. Since then, thousands of volunteers gather waste materials, mainly plastics from the beaches. The sculptures made are of marine life forms such as fish, octopus and birds. These objects have been displayed both inside and outside the John G. Shedd aquarium.

There are many examples of people who make efforts to save our environment while at the same time showing that such “ugly” items can be made into beautiful art. This should give us the inspiration to be more considerate of our environment and find ways in which trash can be used in a better way.   

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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