Amazing ways to spice up your weekend and the benefits to be enjoyed

Thank God is Friday is a line familiar to majority of the people out there but ironically, despite the excitement that the weekend brings, a lot of people still do not really know how to maximize the weekend to the fullest. Those who have a routine for the weekend often get caught with having to repeat a particular routine over and over again. This often results in boredom.

What is worthy of note is that the weekend is essentially a period to accomplish the tasks we avoided during the workweek; the fun we missed and the rest we probably did not have during the official hours of the week. The distinguishing mark of the weekend is that it is a refreshing moment in order to be readied for another week of rigorous work. The weekend is the time to put yourself in the “workshop for servicing”.

Weekends are not exclusively to be enjoyed by the singles or married rich or the fun seekers alone, weekends are meant for every one of us. Therefore, to avert boredom that frequently becloud the weekend when not planned or maximized, you need to be creative about how to maximize that possible 48 or 24 hours depending on your work schedule.

I am aware that for those with kids, weekends offer a chance to do the domestic chores that must have piled up within the week and as such, you would be left with little or no time to add fund, right? Those working in the bank sector would often tell you their weekends don’t really belong to them because duty often calls. The health personnel too would tell you “emergencies are no respecter of weekends”.

Except you are the “coolest nerd”, you would want to have fun during the weekend. However, that desire can be truncated by certain factors. The truth is that having a fun-filled weekend is not necessarily about the quantity of time at your disposal but quality activity aimed at producing maximum fun within a short period you may have. You do not need 48 hours to spice up your weekend. 2 – 3 hours of exciting moment with family, friends or alone perform the magic.

One of the possible reasons why people fail to spice up their weekend is lack of time. Other factors are:

Financial Constraint:

There is that category of people who would love to spice up their weekends but due to limited fund, the idea of a fun-filled weekend is swept under the rug. Many couples fall here. This is because when they think about accumulated bills to be paid, the issue of engaging in “weekend frivolities” is a no-no.

Ignorance of the Benefits of having a Fun-filled Weekend

Surprising as it may sound, there are still lot of people who do not know that a fun-filled weekend have multifarious benefits. When such vital knowledge deludes people, it is going to be difficult for them to embrace the weekend “wholeheartedly”.


It is one thing to desire a mind blowing weekend and it is another working to achieve that. The desire to have a mind blowing or fun-filled weekend must be followed up with creativity and planning. Sticking to a routine for the weekend would eventually make it look like a tradition – and just so that you know, people get fed up with tradition.

Creativity in this context implies coming up with new activities or adding new activities to your schedule for the weekend. Try new activities that you haven’t. For your information, the 21st century world is one where fun has essentially left the walls of the home. Indoors activities are fast becoming traditional, a lot of people now opt for outdoor activities!

  • Learn a new skills or get professional cert
  • Hang out with friends or family at the pool side
  • See a movie either alone, with a friend or with relatives
  • Attend concerts, shows or reunion
  • Organize focus-group discussion
  • Attend weddings or funeral
  • Visit a friend or relative for the weekend
  • Go site-seeing
  • Lodge in an exquisite hotel for the weekend either with your partner or alone
  • Hit the Gym or play your favourite sport on Saturday morning
  • You can hit the club on Friday night
  • Watch your favourite sport live
  • Travel to a place you haven’t.

All these are outdoor activities that can add spice and fun to your weekend. However, if you are comfortable with indoor fun, then get the necessary things. You would need steady power supply, fruits, wine, food, new movies, songs and other things you would need.

Remember, to achieve your goals for the weekend, you need creativity and planning. While creativity revolves around adding new activities, planning on the other hand implies putting the necessary things in place in order to achieve your desired goals. Planning hinges on you itemizing the contents of your weekend.

Ask pertinent questions such as: How do I want my weekend to be? Where do I want to spend my weekend? Who do I want to be involved in my weekend? How much time do I have to add fun to my weekend? How much money do I want to spend during the weekend? When you have figured out the answers, it is going to be easy for you to execute your plans for the weekend.

Benefits of having a Fun-filled Weekend

No fun is a waste of time or resources. When you get involved, never think you are involved in any frivolities. Having a fun-filled weekend helps in multifarious ways.

Physical Fitness

Incorporating exercise or sports into your weekend go a long way in rewarding you with physical fitness.

Health Benefit

Longevity and relaxed mind are achieved when you add fun and rest into your schedule. This is not hypothetical, it is medically proven.


A fun-filled weekend strengthens family and friendship bond. During weekends, we meet new people and build new bonds.

Spiritual Upliftment

During the weekend, attending a religious programme gives you that spiritual upliftment and satisfaction.

You have that Me Time

Yes, the weekend offers you an opportunity to have that time for yourself. It is that period you can give yourself that freedom. So what are you waiting for? Spice your weekend now with fun!

Kuyik Ekpenyong is a lover of the pen whose sole aim is to create positive impact as his pen squirts ink.

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