Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

“I would rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

One day my father took me to Zakir Hussain Rose garden, locally known as the Chandigarh Rose garden. It is a botanical garden made in 1967 with 50,000 rose bushes of 1600 different species. It is named after India’s former president Zakir Hussain and spread over 30 acres of land.

I saw so many different types of roses, different colours that made it seem like a rainbow. It would take up to an hour or so to walk around the garden. There are also fountains and places for children to play. People come with their families and friends either for sightseeing or for a picnic.

As a child, surrounded by such beauty of nature, I was enchanted. I had never seen such a place full of roses. With the birds crippling and the buzzing of the bees, you will be at awe at the variety nature has to offer us.

Rose is the symbol of love, whether as a friendship or sexual. The importance of roses in our lives have been handed down in various cultures for generations. And so, for such a garden to be made, represents not only the different types of roses but also different types of love.

I skipped along with my father occasionally resting and taking pictures of the place. We had some snacks also. So we spread a blanket on the grass and took out our snacks, munching on them while admiring the view.

It was certainly a different experience for me. The Zakir Hussain rose garden is said to be the largest rose garden in Asia.

As I look at a rose, I see the beautiful petals of different colours but they all have one thing in common, thorns. This reminds me that in life, no matter how you live it, will always have problems. But as like the rose which blossoms into a beautiful flower, we also can strive and come out stronger and more beautiful than before.   

Garima Nabh is the founder of New Age Magazine.

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